Update: Correct Ingredients in Real Time


The latest app release is chock-full of important updates. Here’s a brief list of what you can expect in the latest version of the app.

  • Real-time ingredient updates: Under the Report Issue flow, you can now update an ingredient list and get a new result in seconds. Details below.
  • Recipes: Now located on the bottom tab bar right between Scan and Me. Note that we currently do not have recipes for every diet we offer, but this will change soon!
  • Community: We’ve moved this feature to the side panel, which you can access by tapping the menu icon on the Products screen.
  • Allergens are now included in the Ingredients section of the product result screen. We wanted to combine these in order to more accurately reflect the design of a nutrition label.

Real-time ingredient updates

If you see an issue with a product’s ingredient list, you can now resolve it in real time by taking a photo of the label. Video and description below – we’re super excited about this!!

  1. If you notice an out-of-date or incorrect ingredient, tap Report Issue at the bottom of the product screen.
  2. Tap Incorrect ingredient list.
  3. If you have the product on hand, tap Take a photo.
  4. Snap a photo of the nutrition label, then crop it so that only the ingredient list is showing.
  5. Review the resulting ingredients that were transcribed by Spoonful and tap Submit update. The ingredient list and result will update right then and there!
  6. After you submit, the new result will be available only to you. Once someone from Spoonful reviews and confirms the change to be correct, the update will go out to all users.

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  1. Carol Cowart says:

    Seems pretty confusing if your not tech savvy of the new update

  2. Thank you I will give it a go

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