Update: More Products in the Discover Tab


In this release, we’ve combined scans across dietary segments to make the Discover feed more useful to all Spoonful users. For context, before this release, the Discover feed only housed products scanned by users with the same diet. This meant less options for users who search and filter in newer segments like Vegan and Gluten Free.

Does this mean I’m going to see Gluten Free color coding in Low FODMAP? Nope! As always, products will be color coded according to the diet you choose. Similarly, the Discover feed is still bound by country, so you won’t see any products you can’t pick up at home.

You’ll also notice a few changes to the Community tab – mainly, you’ll now see all users in your country, regardless of diet, and each user is tagged according to their segment.

What prompted these changes?

Other than showing more products to users in newer segments, we made these changes in preparation for a much larger feature – giving you ability to combine diets (e.g. Low FODMAP + Gluten Free). This has been our most requested feature since opening up Spoonful beyond Low FODMAP, and we’re excited to announce that it’s now on the roadmap. Stay tuned!

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