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Ever wonder which stores carry your favorite Fody products? Or where you might find your next favorite low FODMAP yogurt? In the latest app update, we’ve given you the ability to filter, search, and look up products by grocery store!

Filter by Store

From the Discover tab, tap the funnel icon to see a list of stores (stores we cover). Select the store you’d like to view products by and tap the back button to see the results.

Shop by Store

After scanning a product, you’ll notice a new “Stores” tab, which includes all stores at which we have seen this product. Tap a store link to view that product on the store website.

Note that the stores feature is not based on location, so it’s possible that some products may not be stocked at your particular location. If you’re unsure, we recommend calling ahead to verify that the product is available.

Other Updates

  • New Canadian Stores! We’ve added Fortino’s, Independent City Market, No Frills, Valuemart, Your Independent Grocer, and Zehr’s to our store list. This should improve coverage for our friends in Canada.
  • Yellow Products: You can now filter the Discover tab by yellow products.
  • Milk Allergens: We’ve added some rules to not flag milk when it appears in phrases with butter, cream, and more. This is especially relevant to our UK and ANZ users where allergens often appears in parentheses after the ingredient.

Join the Conversation

  1. Hi! Your app is the handiest thing I’ve found in dealing with Low FODMAP foods. What is your advice on vitamins and supplements?

    1. Spoonful Author says:

      Jeu Carla! FODMAPs can be hidden in supplements especially probiotics, chewable and liquid vitamins and minerals, calcium chews, digestive enzymes, EmergenC products and more. Our best advice is to avoid chewable, liquid, and gummy vitamins and minerals as they often contain high FODMAP ingredients. Capsules and tablets are less likely to have high FODMAP sweeteners present. Here is an article Vaness (our dietitian) wrote about this topic –

  2. This is great – thank you! Do you have any plans to add Trader Joe’s? They publish their own list of products that are low FODMAP so it might be fairly easy to add them.

    1. Spoonful Author says:

      Hey Jackie – we’ve been thinking about adding Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s, but the majority of their products are not listed in any of our sources. If you want us to add a specific product, you can always email with photos of the product’s name, barcode number and ingredients list.

  3. Is Winco listed as a store?

    1. Spoonful Author says:

      Hey Ty – Winco is not listed. Whereabouts is that?

  4. Diana caisse says:

    I’m noticing there are items listed as seek that are NOT on the list I was given by my doctor. Do you also have a section for items that follow SIBO elimination?

    1. Spoonful Author says:

      Hey Diana – I’m afraid we do not have a specific set of items or scanner criteria for SIBO. Best to take your clinician’s advice here or you can always ask him or her about specific green items listed in the app that you would like to try.

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